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Other Online Exercise Classes


To Exercise on Zoom with PASB Instructor Leslie Sack

on Thursdays at 1 pm,  click here


Dance for PD, (full digital class archive available free of charge, plus DVD discount)


Move to Connect with Leslie Sack

PWR!Moves with Claire McLean, PT, DPT  (free videos series on youtube)


PWR!Moves Poles:


Free Yoga Classes, archived plus free classes on Wed (Northwest Parkinson Foundation)

NeuroFit BC, Naomi Casiro, PT (free online exercise videos)


Movement Revolution (free online exercise videos and individualized programs)

Power for Parkinsons (free home video series) founded by MD and psychotherapist

Exercises to Prioritize when you have Parkinson's Disease, Sarah King, PT, DP  free advice


Here are some free Nordic Pole Walking instructional videos:
Urban Poling:

Nordic Pole tech:

Leslie Sack Dance - Move to Connect Program Workout

Leslie Sack Dance - Move to Connect Program Workout

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Exercise any time with Leslie by clicking on this video

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