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PASB Job Postings

We currently have two paid positions available:

Move To Connect Exercise Class Assistant

March 2018    Job Posting

This position requires a compassionate person with some experience in an exercise or dance class environment who enjoys working with Senior citizens with varying disabilities.

Job Description:

Assist at weekly exercise classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00-2:00 pm.

Assist class at the direction of the instructor in leading group of persons with Parkinson’s Disease in exercises by monitoring and assisting attendees to insure safety and comfort during class; assisting with class props; assisting members to rest rooms; supplying extra drinking water; and, helping as needed.

Arrive in time to prepare for classes each Tuesday and Thursday.

Commit to training with class instructor, at earliest convenience, to be able to lead class for at least one hour in instructor’s absence.

Give at least 30 days’ notice of scheduled absences.

Show compassion, patience, and kindness always.

Salary:  $40 an hour

Send Resume to Kitty Bell at

Or mail to:  PASB, PO Box 6254, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6254.

PASB Program Assistant

March 2018


Job Description:  Responsible for set up and cleanup of all PASB meetings and classes held at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.  Assist class leaders and participants as directed.  Able to lift 50 pounds.  Training will be provided.  Must be dependable and must have reliable transportation.


Responsibilities each Tuesday and Thursday:

     12:00 pm

  • Turn on lights, fans, and open windows and doors

  • set up chairs and tables for exercise class and caregiver meeting

  • place hats, balls, stretchies and water next to each chair

  • set up entrance table

     1:00 pm

  • Greet all visitors

  • Assisting participants as needed (i.e. going to bathroom)

  • Take roll call

  • Replenish water, pick up props when those exercises are complete

     2:00 pm

  • Stack and put away chairs and table

  • count cash donations and fill out and secure envelope

  • clean up and trash water bottles, etc.

  • turn off all lights, close doors and windows, secure building


Special Duties:

  • Purchase water as needed for all classes and meetings

  • Fill in for Assistant class leader during absences (upon proper training)

  • Set up chairs and refreshments for all Speaker Meetings (2nd Tuesday of most months from 2:15 pm to 3:30 pm) or other PASB events

    • Put away all chairs, tables, and other props after meetings

    • Clean up, secure building


Qualifications and skills:

  • Flexible schedule, own transportation

  • Dependable, team player, good communication skills, adaptable, respectful

  • Integrity, congeniality

  • Able to adhere to all policies and procedures

  • Able to lift 50 pounds

  • Must enjoy working with seniors and persons with Parkinson’s Disease


 Salary:  $15 an hour

Send Resume to Kitty Bell at

Or mail to:  PASB, PO Box 6254, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6254. 


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