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We offer programs that empower those with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners to be
pro-active in managing their day-to-day lives, working to delay progression, and committing to living well with Parkinson’s.  Our shared experiences and triumphs drive everything we do, and strengthen our resolve to spread the message, “You may have Parkinson’s, but Parkinson’s doesn't have you."

We do not have a physical location for PASB.  Most of our activities are held at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.  Please send mail to:  PASB, PO Box 6254, SB, CA 93160-6254




We are now offering the following meetings on ZOOM and some in person. See below for specifics. 

  • Grief Support Group Meeting Tuesdays at 11 am (meets in person at private home)

  • Care Partners (Caregivers Support Group) Meeting Tuesdays at 2:30 pm (on Zoom only) 

  • Early Onset Support Group Meetings 3rd Sunday of every month at 3 pm (meets on Zoom only)

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Dr. Sarah Kempe-Mehl
What's New in Neuropalliative Care

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from Thursday, July 1st  from 3:00 on Zoom.  click HERE

Upcoming Speaker Meetings

Presented on Zoom 


2022 PASB Speaker Programs

All will be on Zoom unless otherwise noted and the programs will run from 1:00 - 2:15 p.m. 

*Invitations with Zoom link will be sent out prior to each meeting. Please email mypasb@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list. 


*No speaker meetings in July and August

June 15th, 2022--Kate Carter, LifeChronicles, Inc. 

                                              The Gift of Remembering


Remembering who we are, who we were, who we love, and sharing those memories brings joy and comfort to everyone. Remembering transports us into cherished moments and sharing those memories brings connection, opportunities to heal and to renew connections. Preserving these memories and moments of sharing extends the gift to the future. 

As if part of a great plan, almost everything in Kate Carter’s life has prepared her for her work today.  From an internship in video production, embarked upon solely from a fascination with the field, to her own critical illness 34 years ago when her children were very young, her experiences and training have made her comfortable with and capable for the work she pursues each day.  Even her past administrative experience as executive assistant to the president of a corporation was invaluable when she needed to mold an innovative idea, originally intended to help a dying friend, into a functioning, thriving organization intended to help any person, anywhere, in the same situation.


In the past 24 years, LifeChronicles, with the help of hundreds of student and adult volunteers, has produced videos for more than 1800 families experiencing health or life crisis in 41 states, 421 cities, the UK and Canada. 

                                              PD, Sleep and Me


May 18, 2022--Dr. Hiner, Link Neuroscience Institute

How does Parkinson's Disease affect sleep? Join Dr. Hiner of Link Neuroscience Institute in Oxnard to learn about medical and non medical approaches to this issue. Dr. Hiner received his M.D. cum laude from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1982, having completed the usual 4 years in 3 years in an accelerated scholars program. He was inducted into the medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha by his second year. He completed Neurology training at Stanford University, chosen Administrative Chief Resident by the faculty his senior year. After a year of basic neurosciences fellowship he embarked on a career in clinical medicine and research, establishing one of the largest programs for Parkinson’s disease and other Movement disorders first at the Marshfield Clinic and then at the Medical College of Wisconsin. As full professor he developed one of the largest and most active programs specializing in advanced treatments including Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), where he served as Neurologic Director. He has over 40 research publications in the field, and has participated in over 800 DBS surgeries performing intraoperative microelectrode recording (for precise targeting) and post-op DBS programming.


April 20, 2022- Ericka Dixon, LCSW with Ashley Goodson, LCSW

                                        Mind/Body/Spirit Connection


Ericka is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over twenty years of experience.  She began her career in Washington, DC where she worked with a Holocaust Survivor program and began to hone her expertise in the genetic and neurologic expression of trauma as a multi-generational phenomenon, also known as Epigenetics. Upon returning to her hometown of Santa Barbara, Ericka worked with renowned Alzheimer’s researcher, Ken Kosik, PhD in his Center for Brain Fitness. Ericka has been with Cottage Health system since 2010, first as a psychotherapist to Caregivers of those with neurologic disorders, dementias and brain injuries. Ericka currently treats those who are living with neurologic injury, illness and progressive diseases.  In her free time, Ericka enjoys swimming, yoga, attending concerts and exploring architecture. 


Those with chronic illness often find themselves on anemotional and physical "roller coaster ride." The way we think about a situation shapes our experienceand our response to it. Learn how our ability to adjust to a new normalfacilitates development of realistic 'coping  strategies.'




LSVT BIG. What is it?  Who is it for? Does it work?  Learn about all this and more with Noah Gaines DPT, NCS. Noah has worked as a Physical Therapist for the last 14 years. He specializes in treating patients with neurologic problems and he particularly enjoys working with people that have Parkinson's Disease. 

February 16, 2022-Angie Ruccio, BS, LMT, CPT and Rock Steady Boxing certified

 Exercise For Wellness


 Angie originally started her wellness career as a yoga teacher, this sparked a           joy and interest in learning more about health and fitness for body and mind.            She has been practicing massage therapy for 16 years. She is also a personal       trainer specializing in senior fitness and a Rock Steady Boxing coach.

Get ready to move! Join Angie Ruccio as she discusses the benefits of exercise          for people with Parkinson's disease and the importance of finding something            you like to do and fits your individual needs.  Angie will also discuss alternative        treatments such as massage and acupuncture.


January 19, 2022 –  Dr. Erin Presant, DO, CCMS


The Medicine of Yum

Erin Presant is a board certified Neurologist and fellowship trained Movement          Disorders specialist. In addition Dr. Presant has earned her certification in                  Culinary Medicine. Dr. Presant has experience working in the academic                      environment as well as in private practice, having co-owned her own                          Movement Disorders practice. She has experience in clinical trials as well and          enjoys being part of research.


She will teach you about the most up to date research regarding your brain                and your diet and easy ways to implement changes in your own kitchen. What          you eat can help you to feel better and can make a difference in your                          Parkinson's Disease as well! Dr. Presant will also do a cooking demo to show            you how to incorporate yummy flavors and brain healthy foods!

*All speaker meetings will be presented on Zoom until further notice and will run from 1:00 - 2:15 p.m. Invitations will be sent out prior to each meeting.  For more information, contact Erin Dougherty at mypasb@gmail.com.

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Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive, debilitating neurological movement disorder.  Many in our community deal with this disease every day, as it challenges their quality of life and affects their entire families. 

We are a non-profit, not affiliated with any national organization and have no building or office. We completely rely on donations to support our Parkinson's community and to help our families live better with Parkinson's Disease. Your donation is tax deductible.

                                                                  Thank you for your support!

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