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In Person and Online Classes

PASB offers three different classes each week to get your exercise!
These classes are set to wonderful, upbeat music! 

​For more information on our events and classes, please sign up

or our informative weekly updates at

In Person Tuesday
1:00 pm

Exercise class aSt. Andrew's Church

*$5 donation suggested

4575 Auhay Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93110  

Online Work Out!

Join every Thursday at 1:00 for an

exercise class ON ZOOM.

The Zoom invite is emailed each week.

Please email

Exercise In Spanish 

Join every Thursday at 1:00 pm for an exercise class in person for Spanish speakers!


St. George Community Center

1032 E. Mason St., Santa Barbara

Ejercicio En Español

¡Únete a todos los jueves a la 1:00 p.m. para una clase de ejercicio! ​*$Gratis


St. George Community Center

1032 E. Mason St., Santa Barbara,  CA 93103

Exercise any time with Leslie by watching this video

The Zoom invite is emailed in our weekly communications.
Email to be added to that list.

For Zoom classes, just click on the link about 15 minutes before each meeting!

Before joining any classes, please read the Disclaimer:

  1. Before beginning any exercise, dance or other physical activity, please consult a qualified physician to make sure that it is safe for you to engage in such activity.  Physical activity such as dance or exercise is not suitable for everyone and may lead to injury. Even if it is safe for you to engage in any of the activities demonstrated in this video, we strongly recommend that you do it with a partner or with someone who might join in and assist you if required.

  2. The video programs are for general purposes only and do not constitute medical or other professional advice. They should not be used or relied on for treatment of any medical condition or without guidance and approval from a qualified physician.

  3. You assume all risks of injury sustained as a result of engaging in any physical activity demonstrated in the videos. You agree that none of the Parkinson Association of Santa Barbara, its representatives and independent contractors, nor the Move to Connect Program is in any manner responsible for any injury sustained by you during the course of any physical activity, and you agree to indemnify and hold all of such parties harmless from any claim resulting from any injury so sustained.

Disclaimer for PASB Exercise Videos Posted on our Website and Facebook

For more information, call (805) 683-1326, or email

Seated excerise class hats in hand
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